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Due to COVID-19 (Novel Coronavirus), Sunday worship services & all ministry related activities have been cancelled (until further notice) which also affects the ability to give your tithes and offerings.

We would like to kindly remind everyone of our 3 alternative ways  to give:

1. If you are familiar with online banking or if you have already been using online banking, there is an option to send money electronically via e-Transfer. All that is required is the email address of the recipient. The email address of the church’s e-Transfer is

Note: Autodeposit is already enabled meaning that you will not be required to create a security question. Once the money is sent, it will be automatically deposited.

2. You may mail your tithes and offerings to First Filipino Baptist Church via Canada Post

PLEASE MAIL YOUR CHEQUES to: First Filipino Baptist Church – 382 Lippincott St. Toronto, ON. M5S 2P7

3. You can make special arrangements with our Pastors if you so wish to give your tithes and offerings in person. You can contact our Pastors at or by calling the church at (416) 534-4342